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Bahrain is the venue of choice for international investors looking to establish their operations in the Middle East. A globally-oriented country with a distinctly local flavor, the kingdom of Bahrain has witnessed leaps and bounds in its development over the past four decades. » more
Overlooking a spectacular view of the sea, Ahmed AlQaed Tower is ideally situated in the heart of Seef District on the prime road facing a main junction & close to the most prestigious shopping malls & commercial centers in Bahrain. All floors are developed into an exclusive zone in which the view can be enjoyed with extreme comfort.


Innovation .. Quality

Design, particularly when referring to high-rise towers at a sustained level of excellence, means much more than just building architecture. Design means a truly perfect and complete balance between a series of parameters and requirements in which quality is foremost, including, a rational overall system, practicality, durability, safety, comfort, the space and brightness of the interiors, the standard of materials and appearance, and efficiency. The tower gives a sensation of solidity, of continuous reliability, of perfection.

The spaciousness and comfort of interiors and exteriors alike are of a standard such that the tower is a jewel on the island.

Strength .. Harmony
The tower is built from reinforced concrete composite columns, beams and slabs offer the utmost level of strength, durability and safety.

Plan Benefits
Column Free
... Freedom .. Flexibility
Well premeditated architectural excellence offer column free floors making the floors even more spacious. The well engineered structure offers freedom and flexibility in utilizing the office space. All the areas are spacious and brightly lit.

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